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Title : Free Download Games Dark Soul Full Rip Version (Review)
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Free Download Games Dark Soul Full Rip Version (Review)

Free Download Games Dark Soul Full Rip Version (Review) - Online petition to bring the action-role playing game from From Software and the popular Namco Bandai Games, Dark Souls, to the PC platform finally emerged! Thousands of people have signed the petition and expressed their support for the presence of these games on the PC platform.
Less than 24 hours after it is published, which created an online petition dated January 6, 2012 which then has the support of about 25 thousand people. It shows how high the PC gamer wants to try playing the game in their favorite PC. Unfortunately, the Namco Bandai Games still has not issued an official response to the petition.

Making an online petition to bring the Dark Souls to the PC was triggered by a post in the forum belongs to Namco Bandai Games made by one of their admin. In the post, the administrator with the ID "shoupinou" explains that the Dark Souls are not built purely for the console, so the PC version of the game is not closed to be released. In addition, the admin is also suggested by fans who want the presence of Dark Souls game on PC to create a build support in the form of a petition.

Dark Souls is a positive assessments of the various media throughout the world game. Game that was released in September 2011 which then also managed to get a variety of awards in a variety of game awards. Unfortunately, PC gamers can not feel the sensations that game because Namco Bandai Games does not release it on PC. Hopefully with the advent of the excitement generated by the online petition, Namco Bandai Games will bring the game is on PC.

Review of Dark Souls: RPG for Veteran Gamers
Manufacturers attempt to sell more games is to make the game playable to anyone. As a result, the level of difficulty that can be found on the game now drastically reduced when compared with the period of 5 to 10 years ago. As if today's players are guided his hand and fed to finish the game. Not so with the Dark Souls. This returns the game when players have to try hard to finish a game.

Is that cruel Dark Souls so ordinary that gamers have been spoiled with today's game will throw his controller to the floor in exasperation? Yes, the Dark Souls game at all that his enemies would not tolerate when you continue to die in the same place! Imagine, you can easily be killed by the common enemy who was not even sub boss, mini boss, or an enemy elite! Then, what about his boss, then? Usually, you can kill with one blow!

Welcome to Dark Souls!

Before discussing more about what kind of cruel game, you should see the first gate to hell Dark Souls. You can create a character that is divided into several classes. Each class has its advantages and disadvantages that you have to understand through the (many) died. For example, a character that has a great defense like Knight and Warrior are more concerned with using a shield to survive than to avoid enemy blows. Their shields are better able to withstand physical attacks than any other class, thanks to demand for Strength (STR) are great too. Another with an emphasis on character attacks such as Thief, Pyromancer, Sorcerer, and Hunter. They must avoid enemy attacks for faster movement and shields they can not resist the enemy with a perfect punch.
Dark Souls is a game in the Role Playing Game Action. So, you will play a character you've chosen from the rear (Third Person Camera) and you can develop your character's abilities, such as equip with better weapons and improve the statistics. One of the most important thing you should consider when playing this game is the Souls. This thing could be said the core of everything you will need to strengthen the character. You want to buy a gun? Pay with Souls. How to increase character stats? You also need Souls! To get it, you just need to kill the enemy and find objects which when used will give Souls.

If so what is this game hard? Simply collect as many Souls and strengthen ourselves to not be hurt anymore! Not as easy as that. Do you want to know what happens when you kill an enemy? All Souls and you have an entity called Humanity will fall in place you die! You can take back all the Souls and Humanity is successfully reaching the site. However, what if you die before it gets there? All Souls and Humanity will be lost and the position will be replaced with the last place you die! How big is your chance to die stupid like that? Very big!

What is Humanity? According to the story in the Dark Souls, you are the one who gets a curse as the undead. So, every time a death, you will be reborn in the fire's final resting position. Unfortunately, you will be reborn as a Hollow, an Undead creature under human power. Well, Humanity is something that can get you back into a human and can also be used to strengthen the fire. In addition, statistical Humanity also serves as a substitute for Luck in other RPGs. So, it affects your chances of getting any (weapons, equipment, and other useful objects) from enemy corpses! Humanity is much more painful loss than the Souls!

How bad is the situation when a Hollow? First, the display will change to a creepy. Much like the undead! Then, you will face a more difficult battle due to decrease in strength was enough. For example, on the human condition, you can give attack power by 48. When you become a Hollow, attack power reduced to 34 on the common enemy! So, you take longer to fight the enemy and it affects the stamina you need to pay when the fighting. Therefore, all the blows that you have embarked need stamina. Similarly, when you hit the shield. If your stamina is low when attacking the enemy from a Hollow and hit your shield, then the portion that is not restrained stamina attacks will hurt you!

The key is patience and observation

Battle of the Dark Souls is dominated by your death. So, patience and observe the enemy's attack is the key to successfully pass through this game. Note the movement and attack when the defense opened. It must be remembered, not just the enemy that can kill you. Environment also provides the same amount of danger. You can easily die when exposed to trap an enemy that is always surprising and falling from high places. Dark Souls is not like any other game with a good heart can make you fall off a cliff by providing an invisible wall.

Enemies that you face can be defeated by some means, such as attacking from the front, from behind, mementalkan attack, attack him with objects that can injure (eg bomb), with a magic attack, and use the environment. Attack from the front would not need to be addressed again, because this is what most gamers are usually used. So also with magic attacks, which are much more powerful than physical attacks. However, the number of magic attacks are limited and must be recharged by resting at a campfire. Attacking with an object, such as throwing bombs and knives, is the best option when the enemy is immune against physical attacks. Yes, this is pretty much the enemy as found in the Dark Souls. Types of attacks that enough attention is mementalkan attack, from behind, and use the environment.

To mementalkan enemy attack, you only need to use the motion Parry (LT for Xbox 360 and L2 for PS3) at the right time. If successful, the defense would be wide open. Simply press the attack and the damage to critical attack (according to the statistical critical attack on the weapon). Typically, damage received a 100 percent or more of the regular attack. To use this attack, you should carefully consider the movement of the enemy. Because, too fast and too slow will make the attack fails and you get a cut.

Attacks from behind are also almost the same effect as mementalkan enemy attack. You have to turn back and attack the enemy. When appropriate, the attack animation will appear and fortunately now you can not attack the enemy. However, to put ourselves into the back of the enemy requires a speed of movement (characters with heavy equipment is difficult to do) and room for maneuver. Moreover, the enemy in this game just does not let you be in tow. Therefore, they will try to protect his back in a way close to the wall.

Critical attack usually can be used to kill enemies with one blow only. However, there are times when you tertemu with special enemy that has a great power (attack and defense). This type of enemy requires several critical attack to defeat it. Not to mention when they drank the liquid back and healer! You have to remember, not only you who can use the critical attack. Mementalkan can also attack the enemy and attack you from behind! You can also defeat the enemy easily if they had driven off a cliff! In fact, sub boss can even instantly die this way!

Prepare for Combat Equipment you!

Have the best equipment is one of the most important thing in the Dark Souls. Of course, along with having high stats. As mentioned earlier, you need to develop your character's Souls. Way too easy. Simply relax at the campfire and you can use to raise points Souls statistics. You must pay some Souls to raise these points. Souls are the price you pay will also rise. Thus, the cost to increase the statistics will be very expensive.
To cope with inflation Souls, you can outsmart the upgrade weapons and equipment. Initially, you can buy the materials to upgrade the weapon smith (if you can find it). After reaching a certain point, the weapons are to be converted into new forms through a special process and it will require a different forging materials. So, your equipment can continue to evolve for the better. However, there are times when you will find special equipment that has a much better power. However, such equipment is usually guarded creature that can kill you easily (such as dragons and other monsters that are large and have a very big gun).

Campfire is not only useful for storing the location to live, and raise the statistics alone. You can also restock an object called Estus Flask. You will be familiar at all with this thing, because it can be used to heal wounds. New fire you find are usually only able to fill Estus Flask up to 5 only. When you zoom out the fire at the expense of Humanity, then he can charge up to 10 Estus. Other uses of this bonfire is to return you to be human at the expense of Humanity, repairing equipment (after you buy the appliance), and some other uses that will appear after you meet the requirements.

Does upgrading equipment with high and high statistics will help you? Yes, of course. Then, if they would make this game to be easy? The answer is no. You can be killed with a silly and easily. For example, the enemies you face and take turns to pounce on you. Likewise, when he pushed you into the abyss. In essence, there is no easy way to finish this game. Only true skill as a gamer that will save you from Game Over screen in the same place continuously.
Inviting Other Adventurers

Dark Souls has a multiplayer mode that integrates with the main game. If you have a console that is connected to the internet, then do not be surprised if other players can enter your world. Other players are also not obligated to help you. That is, they may be trying to help the enemy to kill you! Therefore, their goal is to get your world of Souls, be it by helping you fight the enemy or take the Souls that you leave behind when they die! Uniquely, you can find a character in a game that offers the services of other players crime complaints to the angel of death! So, players will be hunted by an evil enemy that was terrible!

Gameplay consists of dungeon crawling in almost relentlessly hostile environments. The challenging nature of the game provides a foundation of achievement and reward, reinforced by penalties upon player death. Dark Souls takes place in a large and contiguous open world environment, with the player able to travel to and from areas and explore various available paths seamlessly. Bonfires are scattered throughout the world; these represent the sole areas of rest and peace and function as checkpoints. Resting at a bonfire causes all non-boss enemies to respawn, but also refills the player's supply of health flasks, spells, miracles, and pyromancies. The player can be in either undead form or human form, and death in human form reverts the player to undead form. In undead form, the player is unable to kindle bonfires or summon help from other players; at the same time, players in undead form cannot be invaded by other players. Death in either form results in the loss of all carried souls and humanity, both of which act as forms of currency in the world, though they are each used for different purposes. The player has one chance to recollect the souls and humanity by reaching the location of his death; failing this, the items are permanently lost.

Souls are awarded upon killing any enemy, with the amount rewarded generally being proportional to the toughness of the enemy. Humanity on the other hand is significantly rarer. It is required to switch from undead to human form or to kindle bonfires (which itself requires the player to be in human form). Humanity also has several subtle effects on gameplay, such as increasing the item discovery rate or buffing some of the player's resistances. Certain weapons also scale in damage considerably with the possession of humanity.

Dark Souls features an elaborate online mode which is active whenever the console is connected to the internet. The online mode adds numerous dynamic interactions between the individual players, including limited co-op and player versus player, within certain conditions. Communication between players is deliberately limited. If the player is in "party chat" on the 360, the game will be set to offline mode.


Free Download Games Dark Soul Full Rip Version (Review)

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